Fall 2017

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Instructors: Arpan Chakraborty, David Joyner
Teaching Assistants:

Katha Chanda Cong Du Taiyu Guo
Avriel Harvey Ananya Raval Susanta Routray
Guowei Wu Fan Zhan  …and more to come!


Lectures: Data and Visual Analytics on Udacity

Sign-in with your Georgia Tech account, and you should see all the courses you are enrolled in. You do not have to create a new account on Udacity.

The course videos include quizzes, which often have new material. This means that you may not know how to answer them at first, but please try your best and then watch the solution. These quizzes will not affect your grade, but please make sure you watch them carefully, think about them, and then check out the solution.

Note: This OMSCS course was recorded by Dr. Guy Lebanon, whom you will see in these lectures.

Readings and Additional Material:

You will also find additional readings assigned for each module–please read them as they are part of the course material. Optional readings (the ggplot2 book for example) are not part of the course material but you may want to check them out if you are curious.

There are some interviews with Netflix engineers and scientists interleaved as well. These are supposed to complement the formal course material and are not relevant for the assignments or exams (but still worth watching!).


Note: Please join using your @gatech.edu email address, or a Piazza account that has your @gatech email listed, otherwise you may get kicked out when the roster is updated!

Consider Piazza to be your virtual classroom, where you can ask questions, help others and discuss items of interest. All official communication will be sent via announcements on Piazza, including homework postings, due dates and any other updates.


The following policies are binding for this course.


Week # Week Of Lessons Deliverable Reading Assignment Due Date
1 08/21/2017 Course Information, R Programming Language Chapter 7: R Programming
2 08/28/2017 R Programming: Syntax & Data Structure
3 09/04/2017 Data Visualization HW1 (R Programming) Chapter 10: Data Visualization 09/10/2017
4 09/11/2017 Data Visualization AC1 09/17/2017
5 09/18/2017 Data Preprocessing HW2 (Data Visualization) Chapter 11: Data Preprocessing 09/24/2017
6 09/25/2017 Data Preprocessing AC2 10/01/2017
7 10/02/2017 Logistic Regression Paper: Logistic Regression
8 10/09/2017 Logistic Regression PR1 (Explore & Prepare) 10/15/2017
9 10/16/2017 Logistic Regression AC3 10/22/2017
10 10/23/2017 Logistic Regression, Linear Regression Paper: Linear Regression
11 10/30/2017 Linear Regression HW3 (Logistic Regression) 11/05/2017
12 11/06/2017 Linear Regression AC4 11/12/2017
13 11/13/2017 Regularization Paper: Regularization
14 11/20/2017 Regularization PR2 (Modeling & Evaluation) 11/26/2017
15 11/27/2017 AC5 12/03/2017
16 12/04/2017 Practice Exam (Optional)
17 12/11/2017 Final Exam 12/14/2017 (Thursday)

The lecture dates are only suggestive, but will serve as a guide for Piazza discussions and office hours. However, assignment due dates are firm deadlines.

Note: Assignments will be due Sundays at 11:59PM UTC-12:00 (AoE Time).

Assessments and Grading

All assignments are turned in via T-Square, and grades and feedback will be returned there as well. The exam will be administered via Proctortrack.

Your grade is made of the following components:

  • Homework (HW): 3 x 10% each = 30%
  • Projects (PR): 2 x 20% each = 40%
  • Activities (AC): 5 x 1% each = 5%
  • Final exam: 30%

You’ll notice that these percentages add to 105%: this is intentional. Grades above 90% are As, and activities can be thought of as “extra credit” to make up for points you lose elsewhere.

Final letter grades in the course will be assigned as per the following scale, assuming your total score in the course is x (out of 105):

  • 90 ≤ x → A
  • 80 ≤ x < 90 → B
  • 70 ≤ x < 70 → C
  • 60 ≤ x < 70 → D
  • x < 60 → F

Official Course Communication

You are responsible for knowing the following information:

  1. Anything posted to this syllabus (including the pages linked from here, such as the general course landing page).
  2. Anything emailed directly to you by the teaching team (including announcements via Piazza), 24 hours after receiving such an email.

Because Piazza announcements are emailed to you as well, you need only to check your Georgia Tech email once every 24 hours to remain up-to-date on new information during the semester. Georgia Tech generally recommends students to check their Georgia Tech email once every 24 hours. So, if an announcement or message is time sensitive, you will not be responsible for the contents of the announcement until 24 hours after it has been sent.

We generally prefer to handle communication via Piazza to help with collaboration among the teaching team, but we understand Piazza is not ideal for having information “pushed” to you. We may contact you via a private Piazza post instead of an email, but if we do so, we will choose to send email notifications immediately, bypassing your individual settings, in order to ensure you’re alerted. As such, this type of communication will also spring under #2 above.

Note that this means you won’t be responsible for knowing information communicated in several other methods we’ll be using. You aren’t responsible for knowing anything posted to Piazza that isn’t linked from an official announcement. You aren’t responsible for anything said in Slack or other third-party sites we may sometimes use to communicate with students. You don’t need to worry about missing critical information so long as you keep up with your email and understand the documents on this web site.

Academic Honesty

In general, we strongly encourage collaboration in this class. You are encouraged to discuss the course material, the exercises, the written assignments, and project with your classmates, both before and after assignments and projects are due. Similarly, we will be posting the best assignments for public viewing so you may learn from the success of others’ designs.

However, we draw a firm line regarding what copying is permissible in your assignments. Specifically, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Any content that is copied or barely paraphrased from existing literature must be cited, both in the references at the conclusion of your assignment and in-line where the borrowed material appears. Failing to provide in-line citations for borrowed material will be regarded as plagiarism even if the source is provided in the references. This applies to figures as well as text, including those figures that are part of this course’s material.
  • Do not copy any content from other students in current or previous semesters of CSE6242, even if cited.

In all written work, sources should be cited in APA style, both in-line and at the end of the document. Please consult the Purdue OWL for information on when and how to cite sources in research. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask!

Late Work

Running such a large class involves a detailed workflow for assigning assignments to graders, grading those assignments, and returning those grades. As such, work that does not enter into that workflow presents a major delay. Thus, we cannot accept any late work in this class. All assignments must be submitted by the posted deadlines. We have made the descriptions of all assignments available on the first day of class so that if there are expected interruptions (business trips, family vacations, etc.), you can complete the work ahead of time. If you have technical difficulties submitting the assignment to T-Square, post privately to Piazza immediately and attach your submission.

If you have an emergency and absolutely cannot submit an assignment by the posted deadlines, we ask you to go through the Dean of Students’ office regarding class absences. The Dean of Students is equipped to address emergencies that we lack the resources to address. Additionally, the Dean of Students office can coordinate with you and alert all your classes together instead of requiring you to contact each professor individually. You may find information on contacting the Dean of Students with regard to personal emergencies here: https://gatech-advocate.symplicity.com/care_report/

The Dean of Students is there to be an advocate and partner for you when you’re in a crisis; we wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of this resource if you are in need. Justifiable excuses here would involve any major unforeseen disruption to your classwork, such as illnesses, injuries, deaths, and births, all for either you or your family. Note that for foreseen but unavoidable conflicts, like weddings, business trips, and conferences, you should complete your work in advance; this is why we have made sure to provide all assignment and project resources in advance. If you have such a conflict specifically with the tests, let us know and we’ll try to work with you.