Spring 2017

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Instructor: Arpan Chakraborty
Teaching Assistants:

Hong Cao Katha Chanda Adrian Chang
Ravish Chawla Ryan Donahue Miles Nosler
Sumedh Parab Ananya Raval Apurv Verma
Jiachen Yang Mengyuan Zheng

Office Hours: Spring 2017 » Office Hours
Note: The list of teaching assistants and their office hours may change over the first few weeks of the semester.


Lectures: Data and Visual Analytics on Udacity

Sign-in with your Georgia Tech account, and you should see all the courses you are enrolled in. You do not have to create a new account on Udacity.

The course videos include quizzes, which often have new material in there. This means that you may not know how to answer them at first, but please try your best and then watch the solution. These quizzes will not affect your grade, but please make sure you watch them carefully, think about them, and then check out the solution.

Note: This OMSCS course was recorded by Dr. Guy Lebanon, whom you will see in these lectures.

Readings and Additional Material:

You will also find additional readings assigned for each module–please read them as they are part of the course material. Optional readings (the ggplot2 book for example) are not part of the course material but you may want to check them out if you are curious.

There are some interviews with Netflix engineers and scientists interleaved as well. These are supposed to complement the formal course material and are not relevant for the assignments or exams (but still worth watching!).


Note: Please join using your @gatech.edu email address, or a Piazza account that has your @gatech email listed, otherwise you may get kicked out when the roster is updated!

Consider Piazza to be your virtual classroom, where you can ask questions, help others and discuss items of interest. All official communication will be sent via announcements on Piazza, including homework postings, due dates and any other updates.

Schedule: Spring 2017 » Schedule [Google Sheet]

The lecture dates are only suggestive, but will serve as a guide for Piazza discussions and office hours. However, assignment due dates are firm deadlines.

Note: Assignments will be due Sundays at 11:59PM UTC-12:00 (AoE Time).

Assessments & Grading: T-Square site

  • Homework: 3 x 10% each = 30%
  • Projects: 2 x 20% each = 40%
  • Final exam: 30%

Homework and project submissions will be accepted through T-Square; grades will be posted there as well. The final exam will be conducted via ProctorTrack.

Letter Grades
Final letter grades in the course will be assigned as per the following scale, assuming your total score in the course is x (out of 100):

90 x : A
80 x < 90 : B
70 x < 80 : C
60 x < 70 : D
x < 60 : F


Academic Integrity

You may discuss homework problems and projects with other people, but you must each write up your solutions separately, including any code and written answers. If you do discuss with anyone, identify them clearly in your submission.

Avoid looking up solutions online or from other sources. If you do refer to any external resources that are not part of this class, cite them in your submission. More specific instructions may be provided with particular assessments.

Any violations will be reported to the Office of Student Integrity and may cost you any or all of the points on the respective assessment.

Late Policy

The following late submission policy applies to all homework assignments and projects.

Note: Please change your T-Square settings to show assignment deadlines in your local timezone.

  • Up to 3 hours after deadline: No penalty.
  • > 3 hours, up to 48 hours after deadline: -10 late penalty.
  • > 48 hours after deadline: No submission accepted.

Requests to turn in your submission beyond 48 hours after the deadline will not be entertained.